Wheezy Waiter – Where’s the Fire?

Since Craig Benzine (also known as Wheezy Waiter) started his video blog, he’s come a long way. Gone are the stop-and-chats, and in are the professionally done, cleverly edited mini comedy skits with many recurring characters, clones and in-jokes shared with a nudge and a wink that dings with viewers.

If you’re new to Wheezy’s videos, this probably isn’t the best one to start off with. It’s chock full of in-jokes, clone references and the thing-that-isn’t-a-thing (yet), Explosion Wednesday.

This lovely little nuance – to a viewer – is also what brings this video down somewhat. I had missed a couple months of Wheezy’s daily videos (which is approximately 30 videos) when stumbling across this one, and until I watched it a second time, I didn’t have much idea what was going on – and not in a humorous ‘Monty Python’ way, either. Whilst Craig is notoriously loyal to his viewers, I think videos like this are becoming more and more frequent and the videos that actually draws newcomers in are becoming fewer and far between.

Not that Craig needs to start explaining his jokes – that would just ruin them – but he should do the occasional video that absolutely anybody, even those who have no idea who Craig Benzine is, would get at first glance.

In conclusion though, the video is hilarious, displays some fantastically camp acting and original ideas. The 1080hp video quality makes it an excellent view when you connect your laptop up to your telly via a HDMI connection!

Watch if: You like silly humour that’s genuinely clever and funny
Avoid if: You’re totally new to YouTube. Watch his older vids first, catch up on the game


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