What is VTT?

View the Tube is a review website. Much like a gaming or movie review website, I watch YouTube video blogs, and I review them. The good thing about sharing YouTube videos being legal, is that I can also embed them above the review so you can watch them before or after reading.

Here’s an example of the first one I did, to Wheezy Waiter:

If you want to submit a video or channel to be reviewed (must be a video blog or some kind of series/skit channel, similar to the ones reviewed here) then check out the relevant page and drop me a line.

What Happens Once You’ve Reviewed Something?

Once I have written a review of a video, I create a short video myself and post it as a video response informing that person (and others) that I have created it. I provide the relevant links to the blog and the post itself.

It’s a great way of spreading the blog around without actually spamming. Some bigger video bloggers may not care what one person thinks of their blog regardless of how much they love or hate it. But I know there are plenty of smaller YouTubers out there who would love to be reviewed!

Check out my YouTube channel here. If you want to be kept updated on reviews, all you need to do is subscribe and you’ll be notified!

The Categories

Posts on this website are divided into two main categories:


Reviews: This is of course where all the reviews go. You’ll find two sub categories of ‘best’ and ‘worst’. Only my absolute favourites and least favourites go here, so if you’re looking for the majority, just stick to the general ‘reviews’ tab.

Blogging: Occasionally, you’ll hear from me in a non-review sense. I might fancy chatting about something interesting I am doing, or just check in to say hello.  I might even post some interesting pictures here and there, should the need arise. Basically, anything off-topic that I occasionally feel like discussing will go in here.


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