Who Am I?

Oh hi there! In case you’re wondering who’s in charge of this blog, well that’d be me. My names Rae and this is my face:

I used to host my own video blog from June 2009 until approximately September 2010, when I quit YouTube in favour of just being a viewer. I hosted a few other channels thereafter but my heart just wasn’t in it and I found my stuff getting worse and worse. Eventually, I just stopped making videos altogether.

It wasn’t a sad thing, though. During my time I made alot of friends and was introduced to some of the best (and worst) Youtubers in the world. I’ve always had the idea of starting up a review blog, much like any standard movie/tv/game review blog, but didn’t ever think there was a niche for it.

Then I thought, who am I kidding? The internet IS YouTube. Almost everything we do revolves around it. Be it a viral video or a moving campaign for a charity, almost every day people with the internet will see a YouTube video somewhere. So why not review those videos? Why not indeed!

If you look to the menu at the top you’ll find links to more info on submitting a channel and more on what this blog is about and what I do here.


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