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If you have a video you would like reviewed, or know of another video you’d like to submit, please e-mail the link to:

Please see below for the terms and conditions of submission, and what kinds of videos I am looking to review (and not):

No Viral
I don’t need to review the next baby biting his brother’s finger or fat guy falling on his face and losing his shorts in the process. Those types of videos are usually lacking in any kind of real work or quality.

No lip syncing videos
Again, similar to the above. No real work or effort goes into a lip syncing video. If I want to see someone miming along to music I’d watch MTV.

No make-up tutorials
Since these are basically all the same sort of thing, I feel there’s nothing more to say than ‘make up looks nice’ or ‘make up looks terrible’. The editing, prep and quality of the video wouldn’t matter, but since that’s what I’m reviewing, I feel that make up tutorials are irrelevant.

Video Blogs – Yes!
Personal video journals, ¬†comedy skits, homemade documentaries… anything that has taken thought and effort and deserves a little bit of a plug or a review. I cannot promise that I will give a good review just because you love it. Remember, this is a review site. All you can do is pass me the link and let me make up my own mind.

Short Movies – Yes!
As with video blogs, short films can take alot of planning. I will accept links for any mock trailers, short films, even mockumentaries and spoof trailers (that is, for example like the MW2 meets Twilight trailer, not spoof as in ‘Meet the Spartans’)

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