Toby Turner – Infiltrator Puppy

I don’t know what it is about on the fly ‘stop and chats’, but they can either be horrendous if it’s some spaced out teenager saying ‘um’ for eight and a half minutes, or they can be thoroughly engaging if a person, like Toby Turner, makes the most mundane things like ‘dog goes into house, other dog tries to follow’ really funny and entertaining.

Seriously, when did that become funny? When this video started, apparently.

I think if this were somebody less agreeable I would have switched off long ago. If you watch any of his iPhone videos, you’ll know that he switches the camera on, may refer to a giveaway or some event that’s upcoming, but mostly he’ll just switch on the camera and talking about anything and everything around him.

This video is no different. In this video, Toby’s dog Griffin randomly starts playing with another dog (which is fluffier than Jesus, apparently) and as a result Toby gives his dog a treat. And, well, that’s it.

That should, in effect, be boring right? Well yeah it really should. The thing is, it really isn’t boring. I sat there quite happily for the full three minutes or so and absolutely no part of me wanted to switch it off.

I actually hope Toby never starts thinking of ideas for these videos. I hope he never decides to plan out or pre-write anything. He does that just nicely on his Tobuscus videos. For now I think I am perfectly happy with the on the fly stop and chat.

In conclusion, I was heavily disappointed with one thing in this video. Where the fricky-frack is our intro of darkness, and redness, and whiteness? Sad face, indeed.

Watch if: You like bubbly, entertaining people who can make old socks interesting
Avoid if: You like a vlog to have an actual topic or issue it addresses

2 Responses to “Toby Turner – Infiltrator Puppy”
  1. Bob says:

    Y so serious, its for entertainment, plus its only 3 minutes not a movie.

    • Rae says:

      Because why not? People review movies, commercials, music videos, games… why not YouTube videos? Also there’s nothing ‘serious’ here. This site is just a hobby.

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