Meekakitty – Youtuber Fanfic

Ah, Meekakitty. One of my first YouTube video blog experiences. The first video I ever saw of this peppy little New Yorker was a video sporting her home-made Link cap (constructed from a t-shirt she wore for a work uniform). That video made me laugh, and I was hooked ever since.

A couple years later and Meekakitty shows no signs of backing down on the funny. Sure, she went through a small phase where her videos were just slash-cuts of her saying ‘um’, making odd noises and then saying ‘I don’t know what to talk about’ (which we still watched because… well it was still funny), but she’s long been back on form.

This video, is absolutely no exception.

In ‘Youtuber Fanfic’, Meekakitty and Nanalew give a hilariously creepy Charlie McDonnell fanfiction and promote an up and coming meet and greet (which sadly for us Brits is in America, and is mostly sold out already). I’ve seen similar promotions been done more boring that an advert for brown paper, but whilst it’s the smallest focus of the whole video, the point somehow slams into our brains like an angry pikachu.

The pace never lets up, there are places I was genuinely laughing (won’t spoil anything, just check out the segment at 3:17). It’s nice to see that she’s having fun with fellow Tuber Nanalew, but doesn’t really have any kind of script or over-rehearsed idea. Even the story feels quite natural, like they’re making it up as they go along.

There is still a bit of the slash-cut-w-t-f going on with weird noises and faces, but thankfully it doesn’t overshadow the entire video, and actually makes for a nice little mini-skit to chop up the separate topics the video covers.

I’ve been away from Meekakitty for a while, but may well go and catch up on some of her recent videos. If they’re even close to being this entertaining, I’ll happily watch them all.


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